Sunday, September 09, 2007

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors

Anonymous said...
So, what's the goal for women here? (please note this is not a sarcastic tone at all and a genuine question) I am a woman and birther, and have been heavily "OB'd." Rare hospital births? Saving OB's and hospital births for only critical cases and everyone using midwives? Educating women to make better choices? Getting medical professionals to listen to women and actually give them true informed consent and reducing unneccesary intervention? I'm just see.

Dear Anon,
I'm so glad you asked this question. It forced me into several days of hard thinking about how I would summerize my philosophy. MAJOR DISCLAIMER: I only speak for myself. These are not the thoughts of any movement or group but simply my own. This is also a reveal of my (only thinly veiled) identity. For those who want to know "what the goal for women is" according to 'moi' follow this link to my business website at and all will be known.


Anonymous said...

I find the website very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing. You know EXACTLY what I am dealing with around here...for sure! I am impressed with your real way of pointing women toward a normal birth experience.

I would be interested to hear at some point what a consultation would look like for a couple facing a poor prenatal diagnosis. I'm very non-interventionalist in many ways (still allow monitoring for a short time but no IV etc.), but would allow intervention like a c-section if my baby would live a bit longer...


Laborpayne said...

If you email me I will be happy to discuss a consultation. I don't do business on the blog.

Anonymous said...

I understand!

Actually, I cannot afford consultations...sorry. I am actually very sorry, I am afraid I've overused you already. You've been so sweet...

I'll email my conversation with the OB today, but don't expect a consultation or reply...just a vent you can delete.

Thank you for your kindness!

mm said...

Hey Dawn...
I've been offline for a week or so... OH THE HORROR!
Any hoo... been thinking of you DAILY!
Thanks for the link laborpayne... so going to be spending a ridiculous amount of time there soon!
Must go to meet the creature... I mean meet the teacher night now!

Red Pomegranate said...

Ooooo! You are the SAVVY SAVVY business woman! What a great service. This seems like an awesome idea and I might just emulate you, your ideas so mesh with my desire to EMPOWER women rather than trying to be their saviors.

Super cool.

BTW it looks like I might be having my babe right around your son's first b-day.

Laborpayne said...

Dear Red,
Emulate at will! Keep us all posted as you begin to nest and prepare for your birth.

Sage Femme said...

could you please comment on this?

Anonymous said...

My little Jillian was born Thursday night at 7:11 pm. Despite all the efforts of the overbearing nurse, I did not have a c-section...and the baby was still born without the OB (though he was within steps of the room at all times). I was not proud of my assertiveness at all, never had an RN with such a control freak nature. I am proud of two moments...first was the time she had checked me (not proud I let her do this, but I thought after she checked me I would get my labor shower), she had me on my back and baby's heart dipped badly, so on my side she moved me. Baby was still dipping and not coming up. I said, "I'm sitting up" she said, "no" I said, "I am doing it now" she said, "i'm not comfortable with that" as she jammed the IV in. I sat up and caught the freaking monitor (not proud of that but I was almost the 20 minute thing they do and I was just steps from my shower, ahhh). The monitor by the time I saw it said 80 (must have been lower) and suddenly it said 124. I asked since the monitor showed heartrate back up if we could get the IV I had oxygen...and all of it. Not proud that I let her check me (she did it again and again). The OB finally recognized I was OP and I begged to move (after 3 hours of back contractions mostly on the **** bed with her fingers in my vagina checking me telling me I'm slowly dilating and with her encouraging me to push at 9 cm because of heart dips) and he said, "you should be squating or on all 4's so we can turn that baby and it will just pop out." He shouldn't have left me because for the next 30 minutes she had me pushing with counts (I was in such pain I lost my ability to argue), and though I kept trying to get them to call him, he missed the delivery by 4 steps (outside the door). Nurse caught no matter what the control freak either uneducated or pathological lying nurse tried to do. If I hadn't sat up that first time, I might have been in a c-section (the first OB didn't recognized OP despite my back labor, but I thought that's what was going on and why I sat up like I did thanks to Navelgazing's story of Dr. Wonderful. Anyway, I am also proud that my baby was born with waters intact and I had no tearing. 7 lbd 11 oz 18 inches long but nurse thought baby was big and said it outloud just to be made a fool. I told my OB about the events and the encouraging me to push at 9cm. She's going to talk to the nurse who she believes had no reason to have her fingers in me so often, had no reason to have me pushing for 1 hour and 1/2 (though I didn't really push at first), and who should have worked with me instead of against me. I didn't ask for another nurse, should have, didn't. Dumb...dumb...dumb. I have been crying off and on, but will probably have a day when I actually realize my baby doesn't have trisomy 18 and then I will celebrate. Right now I just wish I were more assertive, I knew what I needed to do and didn't do it. You all told me so.

Dawn (with healthy beautiful baby Jillian and no c-section because I sat up).

Laborpayne said...

Congrats on your beautiful new baby (lovely name).

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
I am a lot calmer now. I just had to vent, and reading it I really sound very unkind...I have been so uptight and now am trying to put it all in perspective. My baby is healthy and I am healthy. I now just need that time after to recover.

I saw on the news a feature about Missouri and the law for midwives overturned by the courts. Amazing. You have been reporting on this as have others I've read. It's taken regular media a long time to do this. A midwife was on saying that she's going to keep delivering no matter what.


mm said...

I'm offline for a bit... going to hope that the ancient laptop will let me log on when I get home again!
Welcome, welcome, welcome to the planet little one!
Despite your hard journey. I'm sure Jillian appreciates her time with you without you being post surgery!
Cry, rant, rave, sob... it is all healthy!
Much jealousy for your little bundle of beauty... feeling very sad about the fact that we aren't having any more... sniffle.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to husband chose the name. I'm pretty controling about names, but gave him the full choice. We didn't know the sex, so he told me by saying, "the baby's name is Jillian Faith." Best moment of the birth.