Monday, December 11, 2006

For unto us, a child is born

I just got these Christmas pics from my friend Rebecca and couldn't resist posting them. She took them at my husband's fancy hotel- we were there anyway for the annual employee party and Rebecca came and snapped a few shots in an empty party room (after hubby turned on the gas fireplace). Note the real live manger I stole from church (left over from last year's Christmas play). These will go out on our Christmas cards.


Dawn said...

So cute! I love them!

Louisa said...

Wow. I hope my family looks like that one day. You should be so proud, Mama.
Happy Christmas to you all!

Mimi said...

Beautiful! Thank you!

hoosier student nurse said...

You must feel so proud (when not wanting to wring their necks as we're tempted to do from time to time). You have a beautiful family. Thanks so much for the kind thoughts about losing my "family" recently. My Yoda was a wonderful, wonderful pet and friend.

Laborpayne said...

Thanks to you all. I am one proud mama (even though the picture doesn't show me threatening, begging and cajoling them into submission for the picture)!