Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Shot in the Dark

I took Josiah for his first immunizations last week. I'm happy to report he is now 8lbs. and 14oz. Yipee! He has fat rosy cheeks and a kissable little bottom. It's nice to see him plumping up so nicely. I'm still supplementing him after every other feeding. I'm still hoping to get to the point of not having to supplement but for the time being, I want him to have what he needs. I always have anxiety about immunizations and last week was no different. The flea blogs have been brutal on the immunization issue lately ( I know that immunizations work to eradicate deadly disease (I only have to listen to my mother-in-law's stories about the iron lungs that were around when she was a pediatric nurse) but I also know there is some risk-small though it may be. I always approach it with some anxiety. Josiah was uncharacteristically cranky that day, but was fine the next. Whew! I don't believe the anti-vax folks propaganda that vaccines kill, but I also don't believe the medical establishment that says there is no risk. I risk out the ones I think my kids really don't need to have and cross my fingers as they get the rest. I wish there were a better way.


Mimi said...

I know exactly what you mean, I dither about that decision myself.

Good job, Josiah on the growth.

Jawndoejah said...

Wrote this on a previous post, and don't know how you get your posts so you may not have read it. Pardon my long post!
Wow, it's interesting to hear your perspective on hospital care since you are an RN...and also on homebirth. I have had 5 babies in the hospital, but most interventions have been lessened by my later arrival and by also my quicker delivery than normal. My first was a half day event, and I did eventually agree to an iv, and let the dr. break my water. Luckily, I was within two hours of labor. Because my nurse was very good (even letting me push before I was actually "complete"), I had an easy pushing stage of only 15 minutes. My 2nd birth was awful. The nurse told me to "push hard with my body" and made my husband back up. He was trying to calm me down and slow me down in the pushing stage. I pushed with all my might and out popped a meconium stained baby girl. I tore in a "sunburst" pattern and had a hematoma to boot. All this after my first birth was a one stitch fix. Baby the 2nd time was only 7 lbs 9 oz. Hardly a reason for such terrible tearing. 4th birth the doc didn't show though I warned her how fast my pushing stage was, and I delivered the baby right on the bed with nurses getting the room ready. No one was listening when I said, "hey, ring of fire here." That time I let them give me an iv, and she almost killed me with too much drip of fluid (I had baby in less than 2 hours and had 2 bags of fluid after drinking constantly). Finally, with my 5th baby, I did what I wanted in the delivery room. I showered, I drank when needed...didn't eat because I wasn't hungry. I had my baby with nurses catching because it was too fast again to get ahold of the doctor. I think women go through the classes to deliver a baby, and are given information, but not told how they can control what's happening. We don't have to have an iv, frequent monitoring, medication, we don't need to be induced. So far, I've not had to consent to anything drastic. I've not felt pushed too much. However, I think it's because by the time I come to the hospital, I've got about 2 hours before baby comes (except the first time with about 6 hours). I labor most of the time at home and am so glad I do. I actually feel an obligation to go to the hospital now to give the nurses the experience of a non medicated birth. Last time, the nurses were quite amazed I had never had any medication and rarely anything more than an iv. Now, I just have to stand up next time and say no to eye ointment...and tell them I want my baby on my tummy right away. I've had issues with meconium every time and they have taken baby to the nicu once. Last time baby was in my arms within minutes, but she had volumes of meconium (older), and they suctioned her.

Oh, I've rambled on (easy to do with 5 hospital births). What is your suggestion for meconium births that are clearly older mec (I think my bp at the end of pregnancy or fruitful contractions for days may help with that meconium)? My wee ones have it and have to be taken to the warmer and monitored rather than be dealt with on my belly. Could they let them stay on belly when doing interventions? Or is this too hard? I never think about it until later, but would love to be the table, so to speak.

Laborpayne said...

Though no expert on the subject, I would take my cues from baby. You are correct, a lot of baby assessment and baby care can be done on mom's abdomen even with mec, but good luck convincing your caregivers of that. This is the point of contention- what is your caregiver comfortable with. Unless the mec impedes respiratory effort, the baby can probably go to your abdomen, but a lot of caregivers won't wait around to assess it, they'll see mec, and whisk baby away. I suggest a conversation with your caregiver beforehand. As for feeling obligated to give the nurses an unmedicated birth to view- don't. Your birth is for you, not them. They'll only see what they want to see.

Jawndoejah said...

Thank you for the information. My first born was on a warmer for several minutes while I was being stitched, and looked at by a neonatal doctor because there was mec. I didn't know it could have been otherwise. I so longed to hold him and remember that feeling of helplessness looking at him naked under the warmer. My second was given right to me, but then they saw mec on her back and all over my hands. They took this as an opportunity to take her and wash her up...doing all the things they do. I think they would have let me hold her had I not reacted with absolute silence. My third was taken to be looked at also. My 4th was away from me for 6 hours, and they came to get me at about 5 hours to see her. I was alone with no info, except for my husband who came back to me constantly to inform. My 5th was suctioned right away and back to me right away. With my 4th...I can only say the reason she was taken was that she sucked mec in, and they wanted to observe her. My 5th they wouldn't let breathe until they suctioned her. They actually were going to suction her as her head came out, but she was born too fast, so they clipped the cord and moved her. I was told I had a bunch of mec and it was old. My 5th had stains on her skin and fingernails that didn't come off with washing for days. Is it possible she would have been okay without the immediate suction?

Laborpayne said...

Dear J,
It's hard to say. Each situation has to be evaluated individually.