Saturday, October 20, 2007

It Is Done

I have now completed my session at MANA. I thought it went very well. I built in lots of discussion and the midwives were eager to express what was on their minds and in their hearts.
I was even able to show my video excerpt. Lucy and Larry did a phenomenal job on editing. It was quite powerful to watch and I am inspired to really get the book finished. I will take courage and tell my story. I'm so grateful to be here, amongst these men and women. Everytime I come to MANA, it renews my faith. My three roomates are all young midwife students. I love my conversations with them. I've also met a Dear Reader who introduced herself to me. It has been such a blessing to be able to come, one I'm very grateful for. I'll write more later. Right now, I'm off to the Red Tent for some time of quiet reflection and afterwards its dinner at a local seafood restaurant-fresh seafood in the midwest is very expensive so I'm looking forward to having it while I'm here in Florida.

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Mimi said...

Good job! Now, have an awesome time at the rest of the conference!