Saturday, November 17, 2007

Read and Feed (back)

Here's the plan for those who have volunteered to be in the reading group-
  1. Around Christmas vacation time, I will send out via email, the confidentiality agreements to sign.
  2. When they are returned, I will email 3 consecutive book chapters to each volunteer reader along with the evaluation tool.
  3. Readers will have 2-3 weeks to return the evaluations with feedback.

Also in the works:

Yesterday I met with the midwives of Sage Femme- a local birth center. I have been talking with them about possibly doing some births there (as an L&D nurse). Ever since I visited there I can't stop thinking that I'd like to be involved with it in some way. I've been on a birth fast for a year now (since Josiah's birth) and I think I may be ready to go back and do a few births- maybe. I will be on call for this month and the next, try a few births, and see how it goes. I promised myself I would not sit bedside at birth again if it meant hurting women. Of course I expect this to be different, but I'm still nervous. I would love to update and sharpen my L&D skills and it would be the first place I've ever worked where the emphasis is on client care and not monitor-sitting. I need to see with my own eyes what birthcenter birth is like, however my time is so limited. I'll try a couple of births, see what its like, then decide whether or not to take it on as a parttime job. If I don't find that I care to do L&D work, I might switch to marketing and promotions. Either way, I think it will be a grand opportunity.


Anonymous said...

If I get pregnant again, you might be able to assist at my birth if we can find a way to go to Sage Femme...


CresceNet said...
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Anonymous said...

Here's a copy of the letter I wrote to Mike Kiegerl...on VBAC laws in Kansas. It's worth a try...

I know this may be late, but I am interested in women’s rights in terms of birthing as naturally as possible. Hospitals have been banning vaginal birth after c-section, giving women less choice, and insurance companies sometimes refuse payment for a planned vaginal birth after c-section. My friend had her last baby vaginally, but because she had a c-section previously, her doctor jokingly told her to come to the hospital late this time in the hopes that she could have another vaginal birth rather than a c-section. Her doctor is going to try to work something out for her, but there are no guarantees. Women are basically forced into choosing homebirth, or c-section in these cases. It’s not a live saving surgery, so the risks are very high for hospital convenience. In light of recent information stating that the rate of c-sections is rising as well as the maternal death rate, and c-sections are stated as a contributing factor, I was wondering if anything could be worked out to give women more choice in terms of laws in Kansas?


Anonymous said...

Mike's response today (I wrote him today, he's great!)

good idea.I'll shop it around to see whether I can raise interest in legislation. I'll get back to you to discuss. Fondly, Mike

Might want to see if we can find some women who'd be willing to testify and tell their story...also what would we need the law to say exactly?

Dawn (I don't mess around)

kris said...

good to hear you are trying the birthing center:) i hope it brings back the joy of birth for you:)

kirsten said...

Sherry, you missed a lovely birth Saturday! I tried to call you. I blogged about it so check it out if you have time.
(I think that's it anyway)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Issue as quoted by my friend:

" is a combo of Doctor's insurance and hospital policy that are forcing c-sections. They are mandating that an O.B. be present at all times during labor if you want to VBAC. (SM medical center) is trying to work around these restrictions by hiring a full time O.B. (like they have a full time anastesiologist), but my O.B. would still deliver. They think everything will be in place by the time I am to deliver, besides, I go fairly fast now, so my O.B. thinks I should have no problems refusing a C-section, especially when he supports me. I am praying that God will work out the timing."