Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Letter to the Editor

Kansas City in 44th Place? Now There's A Shocker

As a active voice for safe, sane, and sacred birth, and as an obstetrical nurse, I have to say I'm not surprised that Kansas City is in 44th place. The conservative medical establishment here has long resisted those very elements that would improve perinatal outcomes for moms and babies. These include ubiquitous access to midwifery care, and the widespread promotion and acceptance of breastfeeding. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the African-American community (my community) where breastfeeding rates are lowest and infant mortality rates are highest. If Kansas City really wants to rise in the rankings of the best place to have a baby, then the powers that be need to ensure that Kansas City women have as much access to a lactation consultant as they do to goody bags full of artificial breastmilk substitutes (paid for by formula companies), and as much access to a doula as they do to an epidural.

Submitted this morning to the Kansas City Star.
I'll let you know if it gets printed. If it does somebody's morning coffee is fucked.


Mid-life Midwife said...

Right on, sister!I hope they print your letter. BTW, I looked up Detroit and their "report card" ranged from D- to F. Many Fs.

kirsten said...

oooh, I can't wait to see if your letter gets published! I sure hope so. So glad you're out there

Anonymous said...

Let us know, if not, I'll post it on Midwest Voices blog and write the editor to let her know I think your perspective needs to be heard. Sometimes they pick up things from the blog and publish them in the paper. You go woman!


Laborpayne said...

Thanks Dawn

Sarah W said...

Great letter, Sherry! I hope they have the courage to print it!

Morag said...