Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'ma leaving on a jet plane...

Headed to Minneapolis this morning- still over my head in overdue reports and articles. I guess I'll be using my travel time to write. I am anxious leaving my baby- not the human one- my husband is excellent with him. I mean my business. I'm leaving it in the hands of my oldest son. I have a total of 5 classes going on while I'm away and have done everything in my power to make sure they go off without a hitch. But I'm still nervous. I don't want my clients to be let down in any way in my absence. I know things will probably go just fine- its just so hard to delegate and let go. I checked the itinerary of the conference. There are about 1200 attendees, I should get about 200 in my breakout session. Send good thoughts my way, that I will positively influence my listeners. It would also be nice if I got more speaking gigs out of this one!

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