Sunday, June 08, 2008

Flying from the nest...

We are having some great dialog on pay scales for midwives. I especially appreciated Molly's point. Consumers are mostly shielded from the true cost of healthcare by third party payers, so when something comes out of pocket (like homebirth fees) it feels like a lot more than it really is. I'll chime in a bit more later in case there are other comments. Right now I'm having a sad week because my 20 year old has left the nest. He caught a plane yesterday to Washington DC to do his summer internship. When he returns in August he will be attending college about 2 hours away. I miss him terribly already. His siblings are expressing their grief by moving into his old room already (he's only been gone 24 hours!). Let me lick my maternal wounds and I'll be back shortly.


Anonymous said...

I came upon your blog while looking for information on newborns and fainting. I looked up "milk drunk". My 7 week old does something weird when I breastfeed him, my doctor said she is milk drunk. I accepted the explanation for a while but it seems nothing like your description of being milk drunk.

It happens when I am nursing her- she appears to pass out. Goes very limp, does not awake even if I try to wake her, it can be at the beginning of a feeding, middle anytime. Sometimes I think she has fallen asleep and lay her down and she awakens suddenly and continues to root as if nothing happened. It is very anxiety causing.
The other thing that brings this on is my let-down. I have OLT and quite forceful squirting, this makes her go limp.
Does not seem like "milk drunk" at all... or is it ? How can I tell if a baby is passed out or just sleeping ?

My main concern is tha she does not have to be nursing for more than few seconds for this to happen. Help please -anyone ?

Laborpayne said...

From your description it sounds like your baby is falling asleep at the breast.