Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Living my life like it's golden...

It's time to send my little darlings out into the world... Not my kids, my students! I finish up with this OB class for RNs on Friday and start OB for LPNs next Monday. I am dead dog tired but with a smile on my face. I hope I've given my students food for thought when it comes to women and birth and breastfeeding. One of their final assignments is to write a short essay on what the class meant to them. I'll ask their permission to post some of their responses on the blog. There are some terrific future nurses in this bunch and I'm so proud to have been a part of their education.

World Breastfeeding Week is upon us! (Aug. 1-7) I just emailed my customary annual letter to the editor about it this morning. They usually print it. I'll post a link to it if it goes up. Life is a mad rush of creating a 100 question final for my OB students, getting ready for our Sat WBW event (I got the mayor's wife to come speak- she used to be a doula, and some food donations from some catering friends of mine), and getting my kiddos ready for school. We have eye appointments, haircuts, clothing shopping, school physicals and shots, and instuments to get into playing condition (blow the summer dust off of them). If I live through this week- you'll hear back from me!