Friday, August 15, 2008

Conversations With Myself

I've been reading 'Conversations With God.' Stole it from my 17 year old- he wants it back, but I must finish it. So intriguing, so conflicted. I want to believe it- it makes so much sense to my way of thinking, yet it conflicts with everything I've ever been told is true. It's a spiritual dilemma in the making- I feel my middle giving way. One of the by-products of reading this book, is that my work as a birth advocate seems complete in light of it. I used to think, oh I'm just a birth advocate, it's not like finding a cure for cancer or brokering peace in the Middle East, but its my little contribution to the world. I even used to think my vocation was not 'spiritual enough.' After reading (only half of) CWG, I see what I do in a much larger context. I already knew birth work was what I was born to do- I just didn't see it as being essential to the world- I didn't see my presence as being essential to the world. Now everything is being shot to shit and I'm forced to delve deeper... to answer questions I don't know if I should be asking...


Anonymous said...

What truths is this book questioning? What were these truths hindering before?


Laborpayne said...

Questions too big to answer here- pick up a copy, I highly recommend it.