Monday, August 25, 2008

These sling back pumps were made for walking...

I should clarify. I'm selling my business to my son. He has worked alongside me for two years now, learning the ropes. He is eager to take it over, and 'take it to the next level'. I confess, there's lots of potential for the business, and I know he'll do well with it. Something is happening to me. This business has been my baby, yet I knew in an instant I must sell it in order to grow and move forward. I'm not hesitant, nor even grieving. I'm just eager to get on to the next thing and give it my undivided attention. Today at school, I'll have a panel of postpartum moms, and then the pregs. I'm excited for today and the activities I have planned for my students. I'm also planning my next class and lining up speakers and planning exercises. My goal is to write 3 pages a day and to keep looking for speaking opportunities. I have decided to attend a spiritual retreat called Grace Adventure. It is a huge commitment that will take me away from my family for four weekends over the next 3 months. But I have internal work to do- I can't move forward until it gets done, and I'm chomping at the bit to move forward. I already have someone else to teach my students while I'm away. I will also be applying to NYU for a fellowship in nursing leadership. If I'm accepted, I'll be in NY six times in six months next year. One of my CPR students told me about this and I've been waiting all year to apply. I won't be speaking at AAP in Boston because it's too close to MANA but I did receive an award from them for best abstract (that was pretty cool, it came with a cash prize). It's good to wake up every morning eager to put my feet on the floor.

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