Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lost Battle in the VBAC Wars

There's an interesting conversation going on over at Sisterhood Six. I thought my dear readers might want to pop over and take a look. An OB doc is asking, what is the mysterious allure of homebirth? Boy did she get some responses. (I left 3 of my own.) There are also a few comments from folks detailing why they would never choose homebirth. I truly don't mind that women choose hospital birth- I mind that they don't know what they are choosing when they do. One of the stories that I put in my book is the one about a woman who had a c/section on her second baby, she then went on to have two VBACs. When she came in to have her fifth baby, unbeknownst to her, her OB group had changed to a no-VBAC policy during her pregnancy. Instead of informing the woman that this policy was hard and fast, her doc told her she would "see what she could do" to get her of VBAC. Of course when the time came, her particular doc was nowhere around, and the partner that was present would not entertain ANY conversation about a VBAC, even when the woman implored, "but I've had two VBACs already!" I watched the spirit go out of that woman as she at first ranted and cried, then gave a lound sigh, dropped her shoulders and quietly submited to the operation. I wanted her to keep on ranting. I wanted her to fire her doctor. But doctors are considered sacrosanct, even asshole ones. It takes a woman of great courage, who is fully informed of her rights, and is willing to stand up for them, to overcome the pressures that are brought to bear in the delivery room. (no pun intended) This is what I want women to know about hospital birth.


Northwoods Baby said...

You are my new Favorite Blogger. I've forwarded your site to my doula (now midwife-in-training!) and all my homebirth friends.

As I read your posts, I keep finding myself nodding and agreeing with everything you say. I had a long discussion with my brother the other day, about homebirth and midwives vs OBs and I like to think I can change his mind. If I can't, it's only because I haven't sent him here yet.

Laborpayne said...

Thanks North, what a lovely compliment. Your comments are always welcome here- even if you don't agree!

Northwoods Baby said...

I do hope he comes by so you can work your magic on him. He needs to understand the reality of modern American birth before he and his girlfriend get married and have kids. Well, so does she, but I think I can convince her. ;)

kris said...

you know, i read some of the stuff at the ss site. i think i read at least 10 of the comments. but to be honest, it was becomming overwhelming to me(!)

i attended my 2cd birth as a doula last night (i would post about it, but for some reason blogger won't let me in!!) and the ob is actually one that i like very much. but what struck me at this birth (in hospital) was that all of a sudden she was gone! i was just like, uh, where'd she go!? she came in broke water, caught-baby and disappeared. not that we needed her for anything, but it just seemed so cold.

Laborpayne said...

know what you mean about the SS site. I've been reading since the original post went up so I've read every response as it was added, now it would be overwhelming to read- the whole debate can be overwhelming.

Housefairy said...

I love your blog!

Always looking for inspiration, I am currently working on a post about WHAT these Mamas are missing out on by not knowing the differences between homebirth and hospital birth.

I am going to bop over to sisterhood six now to see all that debate...but thanks for addressing the frustrating, sometimes infuriatingly helpless feeling that is talking to a primip about homebirth!!! Arg! Why dont they get it that it is out of the deepest deepest love that we want to warn them?

Laborpayne said...

Because housefairy,
They don't want to believe that they can't trust their doctors. Of course they want to believe that their doctor is different and has their best interest at heart.