Sunday, July 29, 2007

New and Improved

Check out my spiffy new template (okay, it looks just like my old template, but it is updated!) I was finally able to add my links of all my favorite blogs. Please be sure and check them out if you haven't already. If you like homebirth diaries, you'll love some of these others. Some of my most favorite medi-blogs have gone off line. Blogs like Flea, and FP Mama, I still miss dearly. There was a big stink in the blog world not long ago when Flea had actual legal trouble about his blog. He was in the midst of a malpractice suit when it was discovered he had a blog and wrote about his case on it. He got into big trouble and medi-blogs started to disappear like crazy. Of course the issue is confidentiality. A lot of clinicians share client birth stories, and that can be a point of contention. The rule is (I think) that you have to get the person's permission to write about them or obscure the facts so that they are unrecognizable. Here, I mostly tell my own stories (mostly) and my own opinions, but it has made even me wary about how I tell someone else's story. I always try to cite the source when I quote someone else's material (I don't want to plagerize either). Anyway enjoy the reads, these ladies are terrific (Flea was my only boy blog!)

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