Monday, February 25, 2008

Writing Frenzy

This week marks several deadlines for articles and proposals. On top of those, I'm competing in a Toastmaster speech competition and need a really great idea for a speech. I compete to keep my speaking skills sharp and I learn so much from the other contestants. It is an international speech contest that starts at the club level, moves up to area, then division, then region, then national, then international. I've made it as far as division, which is also my goal this year. It is a 5-7 minute speech on any topic. My goal is to make my audience laugh, and cry in that 5 -7 minutes. It really takes two weeks of practice and the club contest is in a week and I haven't been able to narrow my topic yet. What I need is simply a good story, one that packs a wallop. As soon as I get it written, I need to practice, practice, practice. The speech that got me to division last time was one about my grandfather. It was an unforgettable speech. Here's hoping my muse will show up soon.


Anonymous said...

Speaking on a topic that is close to your heart is probably the best for making your audience laugh and cry. Authenticity is the key. Good luck!!

Laborpayne said...

Labor trials you are right! I think I've found my topic.

kirsten said...

how about jo's birth story. i can see both tears and laughter in that.