Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birth Prophecy

For most of my life, I believed I was non-orgasmic. That is, I did not achieve orgasm during intercourse or as a result of intercourse, but only through masturbation. For a long time, this was an issue of great concern to myself and my husband. I read many books over the years, tried many 'techniques' all with the same disappointing result. But we persisted with both faith and creativity and some years ago now, we quite abruptly stumbled upon not 'the right technique' but the flood gate. Once we discovered, through trial and error, what triggers worked for me, we were delighted to find, that not only was I capable of achieving orgasm, but it was only the beginning of new found heights of responsiveness that I had never before even dreamed of. It appears foolish to me now, to think that I or any other woman could be labeled 'non-orgasmic.' The female body (indeed the human body) has amazing capabilities that because of our limiting beliefs and paralyzing fears lie mostly untapped and unknown. The same can be said for birth. We do not know what the body is capable of. We do not know because of the fears others seek to instill or because of false beliefs we choose to embrace. We think the issue is medicated birth vs natural birth, doctor vs midwife, or assisted vs unassisted. But I tell you this, the true lesson is love vs fear, control vs power, knowledge vs wisdom. We can cling to modern medicine to separate us from our own bodies, to relieve ourselves of any responsibility for our births, but the power to birth is within us still. We must fight to reclaim it - knowing it is already ours.


~K~ said...

Great, and interesting, post! I'd love to add some of the last to my homebirth blog and expound. Is that ok? I'll link back to you.

Rebekah Costello said...

Very well put and excellent example! And good for you figuring out those "magic buttons". :)

Laborpayne said...

Sure, no problem.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, we have yet to figure out that magic button. And it wasn't even until we had been together for QUITE some time that I realized what exactly a clitoral orgasm even was.

Laura Shanley said...

So true!! I think we are only just beginning to discover the wonders of birth. Who knows what is possible when we let go of our fears and trust our bodies? My births were ecstatic, life-changing experiences, and I know it wasn't simply because I was "lucky." It was because I refused to accept the BELIEF that birth is inherently dangerous and painful. I didn't care that (as many people told me) "most women don't find birth to be ecstatic." I am an individual, and even if no one else had experienced birth this way, I knew I could. At one time women were told that they couldn't and shouldn't experience SEX as pleasurable, and many women believed them. But now we know that it can and should be pleasurable. Someday perhaps more women will understand that we can apply these same ideas to birth. Thanks for helping to move women in this direction!

Anonymous said...

With my first birth, before back labor was very enjoyable.

with my second it was pleasurable. laughing through birthing waves. felt like the sensations of the penis hitting my cervix. amazing, and wonderful, and became more and more intense.
afterwards i would have "sex" like pleasurable dreams of my son crowning and being born. it wasn't just a one time experience, it's something i'll never forget.

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