Saturday, August 19, 2006

Less Boobs, More Milk

Just came from the shopping mall and felt compelled to compile this list of things breastfed babies don't need:
Formula (or as I affectionately refer to it, "shit in a can")
Bottles (unless you're going to supplement or put your BM in a bottle)
Bottle cleaners
Baby Vitamins (manufactured by the same companies that make formula- if their stuff is so good why the supplemental vitamins???)
Allergist (BF babies have fewer allergies)
Antibiotics (BF babies have fewer infections)
Tutor (BF babies have higher IQs)
Jenny Craig (BF babies have less obesity)
I could go on but I'm just getting mean (as well as clever). Just tired of seeing babies everywhere with bottles stuck in their faces and wanted to rant. Even the sight of other pregs makes me cranky- I just think of them as cesareans waiting to happen. Saw lots of women with humongous boobs, I don't suppose they got them to increase their milk production though. Am I the only one who thinks the world has gone mad?


Celeste said...

HA! I love your remark about the fake boobs. My nightmare is that my young daughter will grow up wanting Big Plastic Boobs. I look at those things on an emaciated figure and say, "FOR WHAT?!!!". It's shocking to me that anyone considers those things attractive.

Nice blog!!!

Laborpayne said...

Thanks for the compliment,
I too am astounded that women WANT excessively large breasts. Isn't that a recipe for never being taken seriously again? and never being looked in the eye again? :)

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Anonymous said...

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