Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Sweet Life

I've been appreciating the busyness of my life. With all the kids back in school, we are settling into a new routine. My mornings are busier, so my writing time is more restricted. My business has seen its busiest month yet, (good thing since it requires a major re-investment in equipment and supplies right now due to the huge changes in CPR guidelines). My husband and I will spend three glorious days together in LA next month. I can't wait to get away with him. And even though I'm moving slower, I'm relishing the pregnancy more. I finally got a few maternity outfits, so I'm comfortable in my clothes again. My middle daughter turned 11 this week, so I'm getting ready for a Luau style backyard party and sleep-over tonight. We went shopping last night and got all the decorations (50% off all luau items-what luck!). My three girls (ages 8, 11, 12) all tried on their grass skirts and gave me an impromtu hula dance. I laughed with delight at the joyful sweetness of it. Our 18 year old astounds me, as he becomes a man right before my eyes. He's such a hard worker and never complains as he takes classes 5 days a week and works parttime, and uses spare time for study and his church related activities. He's such a good kid, and so focused. Even the 15 year old has his helpful moments like taking care of the puppy and watching his little sisters after school. Even though money is tight right now, I want to be lavish with creativity and enthusiasm for them. I want my husband not to worry so much about money and think that he's not providing well for us. These are sweet days that we will look back and long remember.

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