Monday, March 12, 2007

Comfort Zones

In submitting my proposals for the upcoming conferences, I am mindful of the lessons learned in my Investment in Excellence materials which I review and journal about. Today's lesson was on comfort zones and how if we don't move out of them, we don't grow. I just happened to read in my Bible the verse out of Psalms 55 about how men who never change their ways will be afflicted. It struck me how change is usually uncomfortable, and why that is so. In order to change, we must move out of our comfort zones. As I submitted my proposals with the usual fear and trepidations and a mind full of "what ifs," it occured to me that this dis-ease is the natural progression of growth, meant to be moved through not stopped short by. I purpose this week to take myself out of my comfort zone by going places I would not usually go and interacting with people I don't usually interact with and doing things I don't typically do. Being open to what life holds for us next, precipitates growth. I don't want to miss any of the wonderful things life may hold for me because I shrank back from fear or inexperience. I want to broaden my comfort zones.

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