Thursday, March 08, 2007

Journey to the Center of the Self

Well, when it rains, it pours. I just received another solicitation to speak at a birth conference! Yipee. It's called the Independent Childbirth conference. Sounds perfect for me doesn'tit? I'll submit a proposal on J's homebirth with book and video excerpts. I'm really hoping to get this one! Dianna Paul is presenting at this conference and she'll be presenting excepts of her new film on homebirth- which I appear in! She filmed me eight years ago at a MANA (midwives alliance of north america) conference, She sent me an except of the film and gave me permission to post it, which I will when I figure out how. This conference will be in California in November- keep your fingers crossed for me.
I've spent the last two days at a workshop called Investment in Excellence (the term investment is appropriate- it costs a small fortune) I intend to blog more about it, but the jist of it is to teach you how to defeat negativity in your thinking and how to effectively use affirmations to retrain your thinking in order to get the life you want. (It kinda reminds me of the tenents of "the secret.") It is a total of four days with losts of cds and book work at home. I think this stuff actually works. I've become very adept at writing affirmations, and I enjoy listening to the cds and journaling in the workbook. I signed up for this workshop because I felt I had some false beliefs that were holding me back. Of course, this course only deals with the mental. For the spiritual and emotional, I contine seeing a counselor, which has been a huge help. I feel that this holistic approach (attacking body, mind, and spirit all at once) has been really helpful for my development. (The body part is my excercise regimen, to which I have recently added a little yoga) Who knows, I might just turn out to be a decent person after all.

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