Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Daddy Milk

I love to watch my husbad with the baby. They are quite the pair. My husbad keeps J with him most days and I've watched them become inseperable. My husband often refers to himself as "nursing the baby." He says this in place of "feeding the baby." To watch them at feeding time, confirms that he really is nursing the baby. He takes J's bottle, lays it against his chest and pulls J up close to snuggle. He refers to the milk in the bottle as Daddy Milk. Now we all refer to my husband as nursing the baby. I love to come in and catch them napping together. My husband sleeps on his side turned toward the baby and J snuggles right up to his Daddy's chest. Their two bald heads nodded toward one another. I love to watch my husbad hold J in his big hairy arms and smile and coo at him and talk baby talk to him. I love to watch him love this baby. Two bald-headed peas in a pod, I call them. This amazing little guy has turned our lives inside out. Loving him is an opportunity to see life in all its glory. Honestly, the grass is greener, the sky bluer. And whether its Daddy Milk or Mommy Milk thats being served, it comes with a generous side helping of awe.


Lynnette said...

My littlest one is just as attached to daddy. This time around, I am the one who has to be out working, so it is wonderful to see that it is ok.

Laborpayne said...

More than just okay, I think its fabulous when a man can find his calling in fathering his little one.