Friday, April 25, 2008

Blogger Beware

Today, I'll be doing my presentation on healthcare blogging- so this message is for the audience of my presentation. Blogging is great for sharing information, consensus building, or just blowing off steam, but beware, it is not without risks. Blogging can have unintended consequences. It can cause misunderstandings, hurt feelings, fights, and even litigation. You should always follow the bloggers code of conduct when blogging and always be aware that you never know who is reading your blog. It's okay to share your opinions, even if others don't agree, but you should be wary of personal attacks. Words don't always come across in print, they way they would in speech. Happy blogging.


Midhusband said...

Greetings Sherry,

I was just thinking about you and thought I would pop in. This subject of blogging, and associated issues, is very interesting to me.

A couple of years ago, a particularly pernicious retired OB decided to start a blog in which she lobs rocks and marshmallows at women who choose to birth differently than that she endorses (perhaps you know of whom I speak – She Who Must Not Be Named). Early on I tried to have a rational conversation with her, but she favored conducting her blog like a college forensics competition (which is perfectly fine). As I look at the discussion and the history, I tend to believe that she has helped the community she strives to denigrate. Now, every home birther has ready access to all the counter arguments to her silly claims, and their (our) inspiration is in some sense fueled by her outrageousness.

After I’m done browbeating the leadership of Industrial Medicine in my state, such that women choosing to birth OOH have access to care, I think I will offer to buy her a beer and thank her for all she has done to advance midwifery.

Take care,


Laborpayne said...

Yes Russ,
I know She Who Must Not Be Named. I pop in her blog from time to time just to check in. Although her recent blog (last month) on the rise in cesareans being consumer led really got to me. I too read from afar and don't get mixed in with the dirty fighting- however I thought she made some cojent points on why cesarean rates are so high- and I heard her frustation as a physician. Having worked side by side with physicians I do understand they are sometimes between a rock and a hard place when it comes to some of these issues. I do love that we have blogging to share our ideas, whether we agree with one another or not.

Laborpayne said...

oops I misspelled cogent- yes I is educated!