Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cytotec Kills

Here is a link to a story about cytotec http://www.consciouswoman.org/2008/04/01/conscious-woman-of-the-month-april-2008/
I was scared shitless every time I had to administer this drug to a woman. Of course, the women were clueless (think thier docs told them the risks- don't bet on it), but I knew exactly what the risks were. The cytotec pill was cut into pieces and placed in the woman's vagina or rectum where it dissolved and caused contractions. Unlike pitocin (and I never thought I'd be complimenting pit) that we could shut off instantaneously through the IV if a problem occured, there was nothing we could really do about a dissolved pill in someone's pussy if things went bad. (We could try running sterile water up her rectum or vagina to flush it out but that was a long shot.) When I complained to my nursing supervisors about my discomfort with practices like these, I was told I had no say over how doctors practiced. If they were doing something illegal or unethical, yes, but I could not complain (well, I could, but no one was bound to listen) if I disagreed with their practice protocals.. For instance, I couldn't complain about a doctor breaking a patient's water when they were dilated to 2 (even though I knew this could lead to an unneccessary cesarean.) In fact I was told by the higher ups (whose office I was called into from time to time) that defensive practice was defensible. They actually wanted the docs to be heavy-handed to protect the hospital from liability!
Anyway, take a good look around the Conscious Woman website. I'll be doing a program with them this Fall on the topic of infant mortality and lactation. It's a really cool set up. You access programs via conference call and computer. It's actually a very intimate setting to interact with world class speakers. It's a cheaper way to get ceus than traveling to a conference but you get the same caliber of speaker.


Pamela said...

I'm glad you posted this - and really excited to see you doing some teaching through this website! :)

Laborpayne said...

Thanks Sage Femme, reading you and the navelgazer and others like you gives me courage

KBH said...

Practices like the cytotec speak to the patriarchal society that we live in. "Women are just test subjects and really don't need to be informed." Essentially we are disposable. The real sadness is that women tend to just 'put up with it' for fear of sounding bitchy, nosey, too curious, too headstrong, too smart, too scared... too 'whatever.' The movement has to come from the women and I think that's happening :) (just slowly).

Laborpayne said...

I had shades of those feelings during my L&D days. I kept thinking, why are they doing these things to these women- and why don't the women revolt?

Nicole D said...

Interesting that this is all going around at this time...I believe ppl are fed up with it. My story is here on cytotec: