Monday, April 28, 2008

Conjugating Verbosity

This is a photo of Josiah and I 'womanning' our booth at the Debi Bocar breastfeeding conference a couple of weeks ago. Jo is flirting with a pretty lady (or begging for her food) I can't remember which. He engages in both activities shamelessly and often. You'll notice me on the other hand studiously examing some undoubtedly important research document pertaining to some critical issue, or is it a People magazine article about the state of Britney's upper thigh cellulite? Oh well, at least I'm reading.


Mimi said...

He's so cute!

Anonymous said...

I adore how you play with words... I can't believe that is your little one! SERIOUSLY! didn't you just have him last week? sheesh!

Laborpayne said...

I love that someone gets my wordplay! I absolutely have a love affair with words- they are my art medium of choice. And yes, I had him last week- so naturally thats why I still have my postpartum weight!