Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Home Funeral Photos

Not to be morbid, or belabor a point, but since I had such wonderful responses to the posts on my friend's recent passing and his "green funeral" I thought some pictures might inspire some to really plan ahead or begin to share with loved ones about their own desires for death and burial (or cremation). There's a photo of Kathy and her grandbaby saying goodby, friends sealing the casket, Lee's sons and friends transporting him to the crematorium and a good photo of the casket itself, handcrafted as a final gift from a friend. I took these photos from Lee's website that he set up to keep friends and family informed of his condition. The site itself has been wonderfully comforting. Folks left messages for Lee, and then his family, by the hundreds. When Lee was well enough, he journaled, then later Kathy took over for him, giving updates every 2-3 days. Now the site is inundated with condolensces to Kathy and her children. Their family has done a wonderful thing not only in modeling how death can be done with dignity, but in sharing the whole process with others in a very transparent way. If you haven't done so, write out your Will and Living Will too, or just write you wishes down and put them in your desk drawer. Have you been meaning to get life insurance (stay at home moms need it too)but haven't yet ? Talk to your loved ones about what you would want done in the event of your death or debilitating illness. Do you feel strongly about donating your organs? Have you told anyone in your family how you feel? We won't all get the chance Lee did to plan the details over several years. Talk to your family about it now.


Mimi said...

May his Memory be Eternal. Beautiful photos.

Aimee said...

I found you through louisa (mama midwife madness), who was a classmate of mine at seattle midwifery school. i really enjoyed this post. i've read about green funerals but have never known anyone who had one. thanks for reminding us that we, as adults, need to have a plan in place for the loved ones we leave behind. i'll be talking to my husband tonight about wills and life insurance!

p.s. i'm linking you!

kris said...

wow that casket is beautiful, it looks like what a casket should look like you know? imho...thanx for posting all of this.

Laborpayne said...

Welcome. I'm delighted to hear that you are having "the talk" with your husband- you go girl!
I thought so too, that's why I just had to post a picture (I didn't want people to think he was just chucked into a plain ol' box).

Sage Femme said...

this is so beautiful. exactly how I want it - but I really want my friends and family to decorate my cardboard box. (I'm gonna be cremated) I want lots of glitter!

Red Pomegranate said...

Marvelous. I've already told my husband and best friend to wrap me in a shroud and put me in the ground. Thank you for sharing this.