Friday, August 03, 2007

Ripe for the Picking

Yesterday, I had a young pregnant labor and delivery nurse in my CPR class. She happened to work at a hospital I used to work at. So naturally, after class we struck up a conversation about mutual friends and eventually childbirth. She was having her first baby and mentioned that she was using a midwife. Of course I talked about my homebirths and why I made that choice. She gave the typical argument of what if something goes wrong. I countered with my usual, its the interventions that makes things go wrong. Having worked in California, she did concede that we tend to be a lot more heavy-handed on management of labor here. (for international readers- the US tends to be more conservative in the middle and more progressive on either coast) I don't know how much I convinced her but I hope I gave her some things to think about. She really is a thinker, but its hard not to get sucked into the world of doom and gloom birth when you are mired in it daily- that's why I had to get out, it was changing my view of birth. My hope for her is that all goes well, but that these issues become more passionate for her after she experiences birth for herself. I always did notice a change in L&D nurses after they had thier first babies.


Anonymous said...

You are in my area, and that is why I keep asking questions, sorry. I wrote about the positive t-18 screen results though all sonos show no signs. I am at 34ish weeks, and OB says baby is transverse. I actually heard the word "c-section" for the first time when referring to me. She wants to do a version after a 36 week sonogram (sometime, but she will be out of town in the 37th and 38th weeks) and if the version doesn't take, I'll need a c-section. Not at all willing to give up...she also mentioned induction after the inversion. I won't induce (thank you very much) unless odds are high I will die (pre-ecclamsia comes to mind) or unless baby will die (oh, not just a few decels but seriously distressed or cord prolapse). If baby is stuck transverse, I'll allow the c-section only AFTER I've been in labor. I am planning to let my OB know this. On to midwives. I'm on the Kansas side oprmc...and I'm wondering, though my group doesn't have midwives, is there a way to get one in labor if my OB isn't on call that night I'm in labor if I don't agree with the doc on call (who might force a c-section or other interventions I don't want)? If you cannot answer this because you're too close to it or if you don't write "medical advice" on your blog...I understand. I know I'm asking a lot with these questions and I don't want to make you uncomfortable. I also am appreciative of your recent post about the home birth/midwife/ob thing with the pregnant mom you caught. My real reason for going to the hospital is that it's how I've done things before, babies have had much mec in my labors, they have let me do as I please, and I don't mind a little bit of monitoring. I also am outspoken and will tell them if I don't want something done. I am a bugger that way. I really plan to be at the hospital because of the possible trisomy 18 this time, and I think my hubby is more comfortable with a hospital birth.


kris said...

here's praying things go well for you anon...

speaking of ripe for the picking, while allowing more family in after the delivery monday night i was o/ in the hall talking with a friend and there was a young girl, say 10ish maybe, she's listening intently and starts asking ??'s about birth. "does is hurt?", we answer yes, but it only lasts a little while, she then asks "does it hurt when they cut your stomache open?" we answer not at that moment, but it hurts alot afterwords and for a much longer time. "oh, so it's better to push the babies out?" "yes!!" we both enthusiastically tell her.

we tell mom about it latter and joke about getting them while they're young;)

Laborpayne said...

Dear Dawn,
In really big letters: I DON'T GIVE MEDICAL ADVISE AND NOTHING I WRITE HERE SHOULD BE CONSTRUED AS SUCH, however I do have a few thoughts, whether or not you find them helpful can be decided only by you.
1. I like your thinking on waiting until you are in labor for the cesarean (should you actually need one)rather than just letting your doc pick a date.
2. As for the midwife question, odds are nil to zilch that you can get a midwife outside your chosen practice to attend you should you not care for the partner you get in labor. If you want midwife care- hire one right now! (that is if you can get one to take you- your particular hospital is on the conservative side and may risk you out for midwifery care.) Its never too late the change OBs, I just don't know that you'll find anyone with a philosophy much different from what you've already got.
Sorry I can't be much help. I don't envy your choices, or lack there of.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

I figured you couldn't give medical advice as it's so unwise to do so these days. I do appreciate your comments. On another note, and very funny since my OB was scaring me a bit...I had a non-stress test yesterday and since I have anterior placenta, the heartbeat is hard to find. The nurse asked me positioning of baby, and I told her that it had been transverse. She did a quick sono, scanning for head and feet on the side. Then, she said, "I'll check where the head's supposed to be." Bingo...head down! She was also the nurse who caught my last baby as my OB didn't quite make it. It was nice to see her again, and nice she gave me that quick little sonogram. She did say she thought she felt a bump on top not a bottom or head. That was the point when she pulled out that sonogram machine. I do believe, but didn't ask, that baby is sunny side up right now though....but that's still doable.

Thank you and I'll not ask medical advice...embarrassed that I keep crossing that line.

Blessings and thanks!

Laborpayne said...

You are a delight and its a pleasure to have you read my blog. I'm so glad baby is head down!!! Hopefully everything else will fall into place as well. Sending my best birth thoughts your way- please keep us posted.