Friday, August 10, 2007

Update on Josiah

Can you believe, Josiah is 10 months old? He is crawling everywhere, pulls himself up and 'walks' while holding on to the furniture. This week his two lower front teeth finally popped through. We thought he'd never get teeth! And I'm not ashamed to say- he's as cute as can be. He has fine straight brown hair and looks so much like his daddy. He has soft cafe au lait colored skin and is long and lean. He loves to munch on crackers, and if we open a peach or plum with a couple of bites, he can grab it with both hands and suck down the soft inside flesh. It is so difficult to believe that a year ago he wasn't even here, and now he is the center of our lives. We all love this baby so much. He has truly changed our family for the better. Last night, his 13 year old sister heard him yelp because he almost fell off our bed. My husband and I were both on the bed reading, and he ventured too close to the edge, but I grabbed him before he fell off. He cried anyway from fright. Big sister comes running in yells at us for being neglectful, and whisks him away to her room. I yelled after her, asking how she managed to survive this long with such neglectful parenting? My husband and I had a good laugh, and I thought, that baby just brings out the protector in everyone. We all want him to be well and happy and have his every need met. I'm so grateful we have that baby- so grateful to be his conduit for coming int0 the world.


Mimi said...

No way? Ten months already? I can hear that baby yelp in my head! Too sweet, I'm glad he was ok.

kris said...

gosh they grow so fast!! so good to hear you're enjoying him so much;)