Monday, March 24, 2008


Dear Reader I beg of you- but I must confess, I spent my Easter weekend creating an outline for my grandmother's book. I've been gathering notes, stories and recipes for the past two years and now that she is gone, I feel very anxious to get started. The working title for the book will be: Midwife, Holy Woman, Warrior: Three Generations of African-American Life and Food
The book will include my grandmother's, mother's, and my own recipes and stories. Sort of a memoir/cookbook. I don't even know where to begin to find a publisher for this project. But I know I can always self publish. My second book: Chocolate Milk: The Impact of Lactation on the African-American Community has several identified publishers that Valtra and I are writing the query for. We completed our outline and have started researching our chapters. I suddenly feel less anxious about The Homebirth Handbook and I'm preparing it for query as well. I've decided to set aside Wednesday afternoons as my writing/research day. I'm planning a trip to my mother's/grandmother's hometown to research a little more geneology. Even with nine living aunts and uncles, I'm not getting a full sense of my grandmother's life and times. We also have several branches of family still living there so I can interview them as well. This project feels huge and holy- but somehow the times seems just right.


randiedoula said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today and an so unbelievably impressed! I can't wait to keep reading.

Laborpayne said...

Thanks Randiedoula,
You started my day with a smile!

Anonymous said...

I'd read both of those books!