Friday, March 07, 2008

The Clean Up Woman Strikes Again

I wonder if you know this person's circumstances. I wonder how she would feel about your anger toward her. Do you know that she's naive, uneducated, or ignorant? She might be. But what purpose does your anger toward her serve? Wouldn't your energy be better spent encouraging women in your church with information and resources, and then LETTING THEM PRAYERFULLY DECIDE without your attack? I understand that your blog is a place to vent, but your published foul mouthed rage toward others is not welcomed by your targets. It does no good. Not in your church. Not to the world wide web.You may just be pationate about a really important topic, but your approach alienates those who don't know what you know. Or, they know, but make choices you don't approve of anyway. Division in a church, unless it's to address sin, should be seriouly looked at (and avoided). It distracts from peoples relationship the Lord.

I'd like to address this person point by point. First of all, I am not angry at the young mom. Far from it. That would be like blaming the victim. I really don't see how anyone could get that message out of what I wrote. I was making a commentary on how in 26 years (the length of time I've been in my church) I have seen the attitudes toward birth evolve to match that of the greater culture- this from a church that was totally counter-culture in its fundamentalism. What I was expressing was frustration, not anger. Now of course the writer is correct, maybe, just maybe HER induction really is medically warranted. If so, so be it. However that would be out of the ordinary. I did not say that she was naive, uneducated, or ingorant, but that she was probably skittish, a quality common in first time moms that makes them vunerable to physician's suggestions- and most physicians cannot resist the urge to try to get a mom to go for an induction. Its unethical, but its also quickly becoming the norm. Again, my anger is focused at the medical establishment not the poor women who fall victim to it. It is not my intent to attack her (that would be futile) but to change the culture of birth (also futile, but at least noble).

As for being foul-mouthed- guilty as charged. (I know some find it offensive, but I choose not to change. I invite my pastors to read my blog, knowing they won't be happy about my swearing, but still hoping they'll see the value of my message.)

As for my blog being a place to vent, I hope to God it' more than that. I have been known to do a totally self-indulgent blog from time to time (see Pissed Warrior) and I try not to do many of those. I honestly want this to be a vehicle for my message that I honestly believe the world needs to hear. I'm passionate, because this is my life mission and purpose. I want to be successful at fulfilling it. Beating up on moms won't fulfill that purpose and frankly, is not worthy of me.

You are correct on this point, I should have been giving her encouragement and information. I blew it, and wasted the opportunity. For that I have true regret.

Far be it for me to distract anyone from their relationship with their Lord. But religious argument won't stop me from doing what I believe I must.

And finally whatever I write, I have the guts to write it under my own name. Thank you for your thoughts, Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

You are right. You have more gutts than I do! ;O) I felt humiliated for her. I appreciate your response, and I bet many others do as well. Thanks.

Laborpayne said...

Hey Anon,
no harm, no foul. Thanks for giving me food for thought.