Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Talking the Talk

It's official. I just booked my second paid speaking gig for the year (my goal is 12). I'll be speaking in Las Vegas this summer on the topic of Maternal-Child Health during a Disaster. I'm so excited about this topic. I actually get to mix my safety and emergency preparedness knowledge with maternal child health knowledge. Plus it will be my first time to see Las Vegas. I don't participate in gaming but it will fun to see the sights and sounds. I have three deadlines coming up to write proposals for Fall conferences, and have 3 that I've turned in and am keeping my fingers crossed for. The one in Las Vegas called me- I didn't submit a proposal to them. They got my name from the conference planners I presented for last February in San Francisco. I didn't expect to be getting word of mouth clients so soon.
My speech contest is this Saturday. I'm sprucing up my speech to re-present it. I'd really like to win this and go on to the next level. Last year, I attended the speech competition at the highest local level to cheer on a sister competitor. Those speakers were so good, each one was better than the one before. I've got bring my A game if I want to compete on that level.
And since I'm bored and don't have enough to do, I changed my website again. I've been studying other speaker websites for tips. My new Toastmaster's group has been wonderfully supportive and I look forward to visiting that new writer's group next week. I've also set a goal to starting fishing around my manuscript to publishers and see what kind of bites I get.

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Mid-life Midwife said...

Have you read about The Big Push, ACOG's latest and greatest regarding homebirth, etc? I know you have. :) Did you know that many midwives are making that argument/ proving the worth of out-of-hospital professionals to assist women and babies during an emergency situation. Very interesting. Would love to hear/read your speech.