Monday, June 26, 2006

Going My Way

I've been pondering why I feel as strongly as I do about birth issues, and why I have chosen to devote my life to this particular cause. Its not like tackling world hunger, or environmental causes like the ozone layer. Its not trendy or sexy, or even on the radar screen of common causes, at the moment. But for whatever its worth, it's my cause. I visited my friend, Dotty's church yesterday, and she showed me one of her Bill Gothard wisdom books. (These are christian homeschooling "manuals") It had an entire chapter devoted to myths about birth and breastfeeding. I heartily agreed with everything I read. I also realized others have said what I am saying and have said it better. It was a terrific reminder that birth is God's plan, not ours. The supreme designer of birth made our bodies to accommodate the rigars of birth. How did we get to this place? A place where epidural rates exceed 80% and cesareans are inching upwards of 33%. This is such madness. Everything within me screams that this is wrong. It reminds me of that scene from The Posiedon Adventure (the original, I haven't seen the remake yet). Our heroes encounter a group of ragtag survivors, slowly trudging toward what they think is certain safety, but what actually is certain death. However they cannot be convinced, and continue on to thier ill-fated destiny. The harrowing voice of a one our heroes calls out behind them, "You're going the wrong way, they're going the wrong way!" The sound of her distressed call fades as they disappear from sight. I suppose this is my job, a sentinel posted by the way, calling out to all that will hear me, "we are going the wrong way."

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