Monday, June 05, 2006

The Wedding

Two days ago, I attended the wedding of Johnny and Stephanie. Johnny is the son of my dear friend Dotti. It was truly one of the most outstanding weddings I had ever seen. What struck me the most about this wedding was not the beautiful church, pretty decorations, lovely music, lavish flowers, the pagentry of the wedding party or the stunning bride-though all these elements were present. What struck me most was the message presented- yes the little mini sermon that the preacher does before the vows. The ceremony was officiated by Dotti's husband John. Now I've known John almost 20 years and I am quite fond of him and have listened to him preach as long as I've known him- but even so- I think he outdid himself this time. He has a very dry, high brow wit, that I have always enjoyed (nothing at all like my raunchy sense of humor- note the pimp and ho reference earlier!) I have to befriend people like John and Dotti to show that I have any class at all. Anyway, he used his humor to its best benefit (I can't recall ever hearing so much laughter during a wedding ceremony) even while the solemnity of the occassion was preserved.
What John talked about was the true Biblical definition of marraige. As defined in the Bible, human marraige is merely a temporal picture of the true marraige of Christ and the church. The lesser marraige (as we experience it) is meant to depict the greater marraige (the relationship between Christ and His bride, the church. So marraige is meant to teach us about our relationship to Christ and our obligations and engagement with Christ. (John said it much better.)
I was spellbound by this simple message. For me it was a simple and elegant reminder of what my life focus should be. I'm so caught up in my present circumstances, that I have often of late forgotten about the bigger picture. I forget that my life has a meaning greater than my current challenges, and that the challenges are placed before me for a greater purpose than just my consternation. Tears began to stream down my face as this reminder began to wash over me (good thing I was at a wedding). Everything that has happened in the past few months is meant to prepare me for my marraige to Christ, my life as His bride, my life beyond this life. There are moments when that life seems more real than this one. I was experiencing one of those moments. What would it be like to be my true self, in right relationship with myself, my world, my creator, living the way that was intended for me from the beginning of creation, called by my true name? I was having a transcendent moment that my human mind could not wrap itself around and just as quickly, it was gone. In its place, I felt a kick. Not a flutter, but a strong and decisive kick. A tangible reminder that this life is the one I have now, this life though training ground for the next, has tremendous value of its own. I jumped, startled by the baby's kick, and my hand went to my instantly to my belly. I smiled and wanted to tell someone, but there was a solemn ceremony going on, so I simply shared the moment with my creator, who seemed to me more real in that moment than any person I happened to be sitting next to.
I thought a moment later of my husband. He is such a priceless gift. I began to percieve a new perspective on our relationship. When my mind had settled and the wedding was over, I wrote this poem for him.

The Act of Marraige

It is for you my love,
that I engage the battle
for we have an accord,
that must be upheld
the children must be fed and clothed,
the debts paid and retired,
the dreams sought
-whether won or lost
for we have pledged our trust
to encounter life
inextricably bound
as savior one to the other.

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Ariel said...

a very dry, high brow wit...

Ha, great description. I'm just now getting around to reading through your blog, Sherry. I'm really enjoying it.

Your description above of "sharing the moment with your Creator" rings true. So much of life ends up that way, even when we're surrounded by people...