Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bringing Baby Along

Attended the world's longest board meeting last night- probably my last for a while. My life is winding down to fewer and fewer outside pursuits. I look forward to "coming home" next month as I transfer my office to my living room. Last night while at the meeting, I kept thinking, can I bring a baby to this meeting? I won't ask anyone's permission, but I do wonder how freaked out they'll be when I walk in with a baby, and then start to nurse him or her at the table. Part of my brain says that it would not be appropriate, the other part says, that if I don't have the courage to do it, who will? I'm in the perfect position to be a model for other women. I do believe my newborn should go where I go- and that actually worked fine before. Now I go to entirely different places, board and client meetings instead of playgroup, places of business instead of LLL meetings, educational lunches instead of homeschool field trips. Trust me, there are no babies at any of the places I now frequent. I probably shouldn't be, but I'm torn.

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Rachel said...

I feel your pain. I take my son almost everywhere. He sometimes skips the fancy dinners on the plaza with drug reps, but if we are all there to learn about info to help moms and babies why should a non-disruptive baby bother anyone, and goodness knows a boob shot shouldn't. But still I wonder in my own head sometimes and I see the sidelong glances in my direction and know what they are thinking. But then again maybe I don't know...maybe the woman looking at me is wishing she had had the guts to bring her baby with her and I will make a difference.