Friday, September 08, 2006

Oprah, I need a Nanny!

Things are going well with the pregnancy. I saw the midwife this week and we had a nice heart to heart about expectations for the birth- I'm strictly hands off. The midwife's apprentice is waiting to boost her numbers with me, but I won't be much fun for her to work on, since I abhor being worked on. Like everything else in my life, when it comes to birth, I'm in charge. Reading "Autonomous Birth" blog really has got me thinking about the role of others in my births. Other than my husband's touch and whispers of encouragement, I really don't like to be bothered with the presence of others- and I really, really don't like be touched by anyone but him in labor. I'm actually considering uninviting folks to the birth- or at least having them stay put in another room while I labor. I'm not sure now I even want my kids there. Of course, as my midwife pointed out, there is the camera crew (ha!). I'm willing to be recorded for a greater good though. (I do think I'm a magnificent birther.) I wish I were as good at being pregnant! I've conquered the charly-horses with boosting my calcium intake (cottage cheese with fresh fruit has become my favorite breakfast), and my chiropractor has helped greatly with the round ligament pains with that crazy hip rolling technique of hers. My arch nemesis now is the hideous, unrelenting HEARTBURN. My midwife suggested avoiding acidic foods, which duhh, why didn't I think of that? It really helps. I figured it out the hard way when I attended a breakfast meeting earlier this week, and helped myself to generous portions of salsa on my breakfast burrito, fresh orange juice, and fresh pineapple. About 15 minutes later it felt like someone was lighting a torch in my stomach. I had to excuse myself from the meeting I hurt so bad. It eventually passed and I returned to my meeting but I thought, never again will I make that mistake. My chiropractor suggested mango tablets which I will look for today at the healthfood store. Mostly I figure if heartburn is the worst thing I have going at 7 1/2 months pregnant, I'm doing pretty well. The shower is in a couple of days and I must confess, I keep looking at my registry to see what I got (how pathetic is that?) like a little kid at Christmas. Though, even more meaningful than all the wonderful gifts will be the communal celebration of this birth. Would you believe when I first found out I was pregnant, I was embarrassed to tell anyone? I guess I'm over that. I saw the Brits again last night. They came to one of my CPR classes to learn for themselves and to record me teaching. I must be getting used to the camera, I didn't even check my makeup first. Business is picking up, the Fall will be busy. I'm hoping my trainers will cover all the classes I'm booking. I plan to teach up until I deliver and then work from home while I convalesce. All I need is my cell and my laptop and I'm in business. After all newborns do sleep 20 hours a day right? My class last night was full of nannies. One stayed after class to offer me her services. Trust me, I'm thinking about it. I read once where Oprah gave her best friend Gail a nanny for a shower gift- hint, hint. (My friends will read this (insert finger waving and head wagging) and say, "well, girl you better start making friends with Oprah!")

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kirsten said...

yes, newborns do sleep a lot - and their mommies should too! This midwife frowns on the "working convalescence". I know, you're in charge, but I have to put in my $0.02!