Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hey MacArthur, you forgot about me!

It's nice to be home again. It even felt good to be back in my ordinary bed, after experiencing an extraordinary one. I'm taking some good advice I received and am divesting myself of all extemporaneous involvements. I thought about this long and hard while on my trip. I'm trying to expunge every area of my life of extras. I'm not only dropping out of one of my boards, I'm also unsubscribing from email newsletters that I never read. My goal is to simplify so that I have more time and space for family and preparing for the new baby. I'll be officing at home starting next week. I'll also be sending out emails explaining to folks that I won't be making appointments, or attending meetings for a while. I've also designated key folks whom I'll delagate tasks to in the business. I came home to a supurbly clean house, thanks to my mother-in-law (truly a much appreciated gift). I now feel ready to tackle some organization projects around the house. Like how to organize the school papers of 5 kids, that trickle in daily (any suggestions dear readers?) I'm going out to buy some cubicles so they have a specific place to stash their backpacks so I can stop tripping over them when I walk in the front door! I've returned from my trip refreshed, and energized and ready to tackle the next indicated thing.

I spent time on the plane reading about the MacArthur Genious Awards that were recently awarded for this year. Every year I hope against hope...oh well, maybe next year.


Dawn said...

I too have to deal with papers for 5 kids too. A couple of things that have worked for me
- I have a paper stacker and each kid has their own "box" and that way the papers do not get mixed up.
- When I recieve a paper from the school I date it and write who is was for and keep one copy (sometimes I get several of the same ones from the same school.)and either 3 hole punch it and put it in a notebook with dividers (one for each kid or school what ever you want) or I put it in a page protector (if it is something I think I will be referring to often.
-You can also have a notebook for each kid and have page protectors or just hole punch the school papers that you feel you want/need to keep. There are way too many to keep them all. . .recycle the rest (your school prob get $$ for recycled papers anyway. . .ours does and we have a box for that too)
-Items to be signed and/or returned to school are taken care of (preferably in the afternoon or evening) and put in backpack- immediatly! This helps with morning madness and missing checkbooks etc.

I think that is all for now. I am all about the notebooks here. I have a HUGE one just for my one son who is sick a lot and misses school. All of his paperwork pertaining to his sick days and doctors notes go in there. . .so that when I get a letter from the police I have it handy! ( I have gotten several by the way and my notebook has helped a LOT!)

Sorry this was so long. . .got a little carried away I guess!

Laborpayne said...

Great ideas, I'm definately getting the paper stacker.