Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Perfect Life

Well, baby shower plans are well under way, hosted by my good friend Dotty. I registered online, and was amazed by how easy it was. I selected 20 items, 18 of which are under $20. I was still amazed by how much stuff there is out there for babies. I can see a first time mama not knowing what or how to choose. The shower should be lots of fun. The Brits will be there to film it (they tell me they don't have this custom in England). I'm requesting a black bead from everyone to complete my labor necklace and I've asked folks to come prepared to share their births stories. I want the shower to be a time to think about birth and what it means in a woman's life experience.
I dreamed about the baby. I dreamed I got in trouble for leaving it in a cart at the grocery store, I just went home and forgot it! Does this tell you how nervous I am about how another baby will fit into our already overwhelmed lives? I can't imagine doing all that I do now with a baby in tow. I had 8 CPR classes this week, 5 of which I taught. The 18 year old is involved in campus ministry at his college, the 15 year old is very committed to his martial arts, the 12 year old is involved in intramural (after school) sports, the 11 year old wants to be in the school band, and the 8 year old is already lobbying hard for her SAG (screen actors guild) card. (We've managed to put her off with promises of acting camp next summer). Who do you think gets them to and from all these activities? We try very hard to narrow their selections to one or two activies each. We say no a lot. For instance, the 11 year old had to choose between band and choir, we couldn't let her do both. We would be stretched too thin, not to mention a lack of resources. We encourage the kids to do as much on their own as possible without looking to us for transportation or other assistance. We want the kids to have rich learning experiences but there are only two of us. I signed up to be room mother (again) for this year. I do want to be there for them while they still want my presence in grade school. My evenings are filled with homework monitoring (I don't even bother bringing home work from the office anymore) making dinner and then bedtime rituals. If my husband is home and not working a double shift, we take a walk together after dinner. Last night, the four older kids left for activities after dinner, so only the 8 year old was home to walk with us. As she and my husband walked hand in hand chatting it up, I trailed behind them with my pregnant waddle. They would stop ever so often to let me catch up. They talked about life after death, movie remakes, and her future acting career. I smiled and thought I wouldn't trade places with anyone in the whole wide world- my life is just perfect.

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