Thursday, September 28, 2006

The British Are Coming!

Just spoke to my doula friend on the phone. The Brits had a baby girl early this morning!!!! She was their doula and I woke her out of a post-birth slumber because I had a feeling I should call and get an update. I knew they were due any day now. One of our concerns is that they were due to have their baby only a few weeks before me. Kinda hard to film a birth when you're in labor yourself! Seems her water broke a couple of days ago so it was a long labor (typical for a first birth) but the doula said she had a wonderful, natural, drug-free labor and birth with my favorite midwife practice. I'm so glad for them. I'll wait a couple of days and give them a call. I like to avoid that initial onslought of calls and visits that happens the first few days when mom and baby need their rest. The doula told me they named her Harper. What a great name.

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