Saturday, October 14, 2006

Upright Birthing

It's almost 4 am. The midwife, apprentice and doula are here. I've achieved a plenary birth team at last! Baby is working its way down. Contractions are deep and hard but I dive right in. I have to stand upright for each contraction- the pain is worse if I sit or god forbid, lay down. My body wants to be upright. Everyone I've shown my birth space to, keeps saying, where's the bed? I won't birth in a bed, perhaps a squat or on all fours if I don't feel like standing. I'll do what my body tells me when the time comes. Now my job is to get through each contraction that comes faithfully every 10 minutes- the downward pressure is all encompassing- like diving into the deep end of a pool.


Anonymous said...

Today is the birthday of my baby Joseph. He is 19 and I am honored (and hopeful)to be sharing this joyful day with your family. I remember my girls holding my hands and tummy as we waited until"it was time". Blessings and strenghth be yours today.

evilynmo said...

Birth is so wonderful! I refused to get in bed too, upright and then all 4s in the water were the only positions I could stand. I am so excited for you and thank you for sharing this amazing experience with me and your other readers, what an honor!

Cindy at the Beach said...

Sherry, I don't remember you giving birth (that I saw) except standing up (the girls you thought you'd never get to have, ha!). Although I think you did one labour in the car when everyone had the flu and was throwing up as I recall. I remember feeling the same way. Beds are for sleeping in, not birthing. Whose idea was that anyway? Got to be in a position where gravity is on our side. Much love.