Saturday, July 22, 2006

Am I Crazy or is this Really My Life?

My mind is racing with plans for the ritual and the feast. The thought occurred to me this morning that I should seek help. I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. In addition to the ritual that weekend, I have Kathy Barber coming into town for World Breastfeeding Week. I have to be hostess to her on Wed, and Thurs transporting her to and from both speaking engagements. My Breastfeeding Committee has worked hard on this event for months and I am actively involved from start to finish. In addition to that, we will have houseguests that entire week. The Wilson family will be staying with us that week while on furlough from their missions work in Japan. Our two boys will be away that week on a short term missions trip to Minnesota. Two less kids in the house will help some, but I really need to use next week to get myself organized for the following week, which will be quite hectic. I need to arrange for the comforts of the missionary family and get the house cleaned and organized, and plan meals. I also need to plan for the weekend at the Holy Land which won't be nearly as restful as I had hoped because it has now transformed into something totally different. I'm not whinning, I promise, just sorting my thoughts. I'm glad the Wilsons are coming (American father, Japanese mother with two beautiful girls). Our girls penpal with their girls throughout the year and are thrilled to be hosting them in our home. But, I already feel badly that I'll have to neglect them for other things going on that week (I've already warned them they won't see me much). Then the girls and I leave Friday for the Holy Land while they are still at our house! But maybe thats a good thing- they'll have time alone with just their family. (My husband will still be around but he works a lot.) Anyway, I think I'll make today my planning day. No work at the office today- yipee. I plan to work in my garden-wrangle it back from weed infestation, and look forward to a long leisurely evening with our friends, John and Dotty. They invited us over this evening to splash around in their private lake and then good food and great conversation around their spacious dining room table (they also have eight children). Our whole family looks forward to it- we even take our dog! It's become an annual event. We invite one another back and forth for meals throughout the year but we always are careful to time it so its the heat of summer when their turn comes so we can swim in their lake! I'll ask Dottie for her advice on these upcoming events and getting myself organized. She's a pro. We had to postpone our annual dinner swim so that she and her family could zip down to Mexico for a week to build a couple of houses as their missions outreach this year, with their church. She's now hosting a French student and a child from Bellarus for the summer, all the while nursing their family dog who just got spayed this week. Yeah, she'll feel my pain.

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