Monday, July 10, 2006

A Community of Women

I witnessed something amazing yesterday. At the end of our church service, the pastor called for prayer for one of the families. Their eldest son was headed back to Iraq- for a second tour of duty. As we corporately prayed for the soldier and his family, his mother (an old and dear friend of mine) began to sob audibly. I could understand her fears, my 18 year old son had almost joined the military after graduating. I could hear her from the back of the church where I sat. I quietly tiptoed to where she sat and put my arms around her for the rest of the prayer time. When I opened my eyes, three women were quickly headed our way, all mothers of grown sons. They surrounded her, and touched her, and spoke soothing words to her. As I sat in that hallowed circle, I thought this is what I need right now, a community of women to surround and support me through this pregnancy. I realized then that letting everyone know about the pregnancy was my way of opening my arms and recieving the support I needed. I'm now ready to embrace what I need.

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