Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sundance, Here I Come

I met the documentary makers. They are a lovely British couple, expecting their first baby no less! They told me all about their former work, mostly for British television and gave me a video of one of their films. It was fabulous. I was amazed how good it was. They really have a gift for capturing the veracity of a person, a place, a moment. I told them about my vision for this film and what I wanted to accomplish with it. I asked them how on earth they landed in Kansas City. They had no more plausible answer than that they are experiencing the American Midwest- so I decided God sent them here to do this film for me. I think they are perfect; young, talented, open-minded, bright. It doesn't hurt either that they come from a country that utilizes some of the birth philosophies I'm trying to propogate here. Since they are pregnant themselves, they are going through the process of trying to find a caregiver that operates in agreement with their philosophy of care. They have been educated about the politics of birth here just from that process. Really, what could be more perfect? I'm so excited to move ahead with this portion of my project. This documentary could really be a wonderful catalyst for change. As for my time of renewal, I booked a time for August to retreat to the Holy Land to be blessed for the coming work ahead. My hermitess friend offered to gather a group of local women to bless me and my work and create a ritual for me. The girls are so excited to go back. It really is a special place where magical things happen. I remember once, several years ago, attending a midwive's retreat there when I was pregnant. I actually went into labor during the retreat. I wanted so badly to stay there, and squat in the little creek that runs right through the property, and give birth. I called my husband to ask him to drive down with the kids, but he said our little car was on the blink and probably wouldn't make the trip. That meant I had to drive the three hours back home, by myself, in labor! Fortuitously, one the midwives in attendance was paged to return to Kansas City for a patient in labor, so she followed me in her car all the way back home. Go figure! I got back home in plenty of time to get things ready prior to the birth. I often wonder if being around so many midwives put me into labor! The nicest part was that before I left all the midwives gathered around me, layed hands on me and prayed for my safe journey and my baby's safe passage. The spiritual energy was palpable. I knew immediately that all would be well. I was never afraid or concerned about making that drive, though I realized it was an unusual way to labor! See what I mean, magical things happen at the Holy Land. I can't wait to go and recieve my blessing. (P.S. these are the kinds of stories I have to tell in my book- it will be one funny read. All my homebirth labors have been wacky adventures. Wait till you read about the one where I went into labor on Christmas, out of town, and had to drive the entire family back to KC because my husband was sick as a dog. I kept having to pull over, not because of my contractions, but so my husband could throw up on the side of the road! Who else has babies like this?) So there's really no telling what those documentary makers will capture on film. It could get pretty interesting. Hmmm. Sundance, Cannes, are you listening?

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