Monday, July 17, 2006

Sacred Blessing and Birth Ritual

I'm so excited! My hermitess friend sent me a draft of the birth ritual and sacred blessing she is designing for me. It will take place at her hermitage in central Missouri which we refer to as the Holy Land. I just have to describe it, I'm so excited. First of all picture a little green glade nestled among wooded hills. A peaceful place where wildlife (deer and such) venture unafraid. The landscape is dotted with cabins, gardens, a tipi, a creek. A place where there are no tvs and and you can't get cell phone reception! Are you picturing it? Good. Now for the ceremony. There will be 10-15 people in attendance. My daughters and I will wear specail matching robes. It will begin with a ritual foot washing, and singing. Then the hermitess and another Native American midwife will use smudge sticks as we enter the tipi. Once everyone has entered the tipi, a talking stick will be used for everyone to take turns sharing the truth of God in nature while they sit in a circle around me. We will then pair into groups of two, elder and novice and bless one anothers hands. I will then recieve a feather blessing with Holy Water for the work I am about to embark on (birth and book and film). At the end of the ceremony there will be a feast, which I will prepare beforehand, as a gift to my participants. (Anyone out there have any good vegetarian dishes to suggest?) It will be a wonderful annointing for my work ahead. The film makers will be there to document it all. I feel so humbled to be a part of something like this. I'm constantly amazed by the Lord's provision. This will happen the first weekend in August. I'll be sure and do updates on the goings-on. Perhaps I'll blog a little about each individual who will participate. I want it to be meaningful to them as well.

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What a blessing.