Monday, July 24, 2006

A Greater Purpose

Things are beginning to fall into place. Yesterday at church, I enlisted a couple of seamstresses to help me create the robes for my ritual. I sketched out a caftan of deep purple jaquard with embroidering around a v-neck line. Liza, an excellent and long time garment designer, knew just what I wanted and where to find the fabric. My friend LaDonna will help me cut out the four robes (1 each for me and my 3 girls) and Liza will surge them for me. I'm so glad I decided to enlist help. Everyone is being so good about contributing and it makes the tasks so manageable for me.

As I was writing yesterday's blog, I realized that I should go through the full experience of what a pregnant woman goes through and document what happens to me. I should do a hospital tour and a childbirth class. I do have a back-up physician and a back-up hospital. I should get to know them both. This pregnancy gives me an opportunity like no other to see and hear for myself what women are being told in these classes. I had meant to blow all this off, now I see that I have to experience these things and communicate about them in the book. Of course, a part of me dreads doing this. For me the beauty of a planned homebirth is to opt out of all this, but now as my pregnancy hits its downward slide toward finish, I realize I have a greater purpose to all this.

Here is my finished invitation to my ritual blessing.

Sacred Blessing Ritual
Holy Land
August 5, 2006

purification ceremony
sharing circle
invocation of spirit and wisdom
feather blessing
celebration song
vegetarian potluck feast
fire circle
film and book viewing by Morningstar

The ceremony will begin at 3pm. Bring your favorite vegetarian dish (remember no animal flesh on the Holy Land). If you wish to camp overnight, bring bedding, food, and whatever else you need for your comfort. The ceremony will take place out of doors, so dress accordingly.

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Mimi said...

Sounds like things are falling in to place for you, congratulations! I wish I lived close enough to attend.