Friday, July 21, 2006

A Star is (About To Be) Born

I met with the documentary makers again last night. I had them over to the "madhouse" for dinner. The inmates didn't dissappoint. They were wild and rambunctious. Miraculously, we still got work done. I showed them my one surviving birth video. Despite the fact that its just a novice holding a camera, it is very powerful and touches people. Its really why I hit on the thought of making a really good birth video, so people could see with their own eyes how birth can be. They showed me the outline they came up with for the documentary- I was blown away. It was from an outsider's point of view, but that made it all the more powerful. They said they were hoping that in addition to my birth, there would be interviews with pioneers in the movement, and opposing points of views from various docs as well. I think this is a supurb idea- that in the end folks will be given the info (and the compelling images) and can make up their own minds about birth and homebirth and care philosophies. My goal isn't to sell anyone on homebirth. I just want women to rethink their own birth experiences. Here's my fantasy: I would like to see hospital birth actually become as safe as it claims to be. I'd certainly like to see it become more humane and less conveyor belt like. I'd like to see care providers RELAX and let women do their thing without the tyranny of the clock or the customary butt coverage that goes on day in and day out. Women have to do their part to create this utopia of birth. Stop cowtowing to doctors (remember, they work for YOU) don't just accept everything they say, and for God's sake, stop suing them for every little thing. Anyway, the cameras start rolling in a couple of weeks at the purification ritual on the Holy Land. Lots of details to work out between now and then. The projected gestation for this venture is about 2 years, and funding must be obtained. This is quite a committment for the film makers which will involve lots of travel for interviews with the talking heads of the movement/counter movement. This film is designed to be broadcast to a wide general audience. Do you know someone who should be in this film? Just post under comments and tell us who and why. Know of any funding sources? Post that information as well. Thanks for you input and comments. Things are moving quickly from this point, like a stone rolling downhill. Its taking on a life of its own, as it should.


Rachel said...

Sherry, as a homebirth mother and midwife I would be pleased to speak with them, and in any way I can help I will.


Laborpayne said...

Thanks Rachel. I'll ask them if they'd like to interview you.