Friday, July 07, 2006

Naming the Baby

I'm so excited! After years of trying on many, many titles for my book, I finally have one nailed down. Unfortunately, I've decided not to annouce it in order not to dilute its impact- but I'm really pleased with it. It actually started in a dream- where most of my best ideas do. If I go to sleep with a problem on my mind, I dream solutions. Most of the time they are very good solutions that didn't come to me in my conscious mind. I think this is a powerful gift, although I think just about anyone can access this ability. It doesn't have to be anything earth shattering- I dream solutions to small problems all the time too. Anyway, a title came to me in my sleep, I remembered it when I woke up and googled it. (This is my quick and dirty way of seeing if something has already been thought up or used by someone else.) It was in use, so I pulled up my beloved thesaurus (invaluable as a writer) and began to play with the words to see if I could find a synonym that more closely nailed my meaning. After about 2 or 3 generations of synonyms, I found it. I immediately created a title page for my manuscript so that I can look at it everyday and visualize my book being published. I've never felt closer to the project. My baby finally has a name! The working title (not the final title) is Birth Outside the Box. It will tell the stories of my nine births, including this one, with two appendixes on political happennings in KS and MO (mentioned previously) and a concluding chapter and an appendix on resources. I'm getting so revved up about this book and my writing is just flowing. I really hope it will be something women can and will use. I'm actively seeking a publisher and querying women's magazines about printing exerpts. I'll update as things start to happen.


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Thanks, its nice to be over my writer's block.