Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Keeping the Vision

I have recently been questioned on my motivation for doing my homebirth in such a public way. The question begs to be addressed, since I consider myself accountable to those who have done the asking. First, I feel strongly that I have been handed a task which no one else can do. The opportunity presents itself here and now. I can take advantage, or let it pass me by. Here's the thing, while the vision for this project was only in my head, I could dismiss it as a flight of fancy. Yet once I even took the small step of speaking it- it began to form into a real possibility. Once I took concrete steps, even small ones, it began to take shape, right in front of my eyes. This, I suppose has been my confirmation to proceed. I can't believe this is all just coincidence, I choose to believe, it was meant to be. I choose to take this as far as it will go. Perhaps nothing will come it. It doesn't matter. I am acting in obedience to what I know to be true. This of course is the chief disadvantage of being the keeper of the vision- to those around you, you run the risk of looking like a nut-case.


lisavc said...

I'm proud of you for doing this. I think it's a wonderful thing. I think this is a special child that is coming. To be unexpected, to be birthed in such a wonderful way in such a wonderful place, and to have it recorded. Nothing nutty about that in my opinion.

Laborpayne said...

Thank you for saying so.