Sunday, November 05, 2006

Big Blessing in a Small Package

I've just spent two days doing no work and holding my baby almost continuously. What a great two days. He's so long and scrawny. He doesn't really look like any of our other kids. He's quite unique. He loves to nurse and is quite good at it. I love the way he raises his eyebrows when he's sleeping, and the way he greedily sucks at his fingers when he's hungry. He has my husband's thin lips while the rest of the kids inherited my thick luscious ones. His thin fine baby hair is developing a 'crimp' so I'm wondering if he'll be the first of our kids to have kinky hair. All of my other babies were nice and plump, Josiah is long and skinny with piano player fingers and elongated feet. The crown of his head is nice and round but his face is long and lean and triangular. He oftentimes look like a wise old man while he sleeps. His eyes are huge and round and turning a lovely shade of brown from their current dark and murky hue. His skin is fair and his eyes often cross when he tries to focus on images close up. The girls fight to change his poopy diapers. I carry him everywhere in our sling. Most of the time people don't even know I'm carry around a baby. He's so small, he can't be seen in the sling, he slumps down into it. People always carry on likes its such a nice surprise to discover a small baby in a pouch. I love to show him off. I took him out of the sling at church today (for the first time) and let others hold him. It felt good to share him. My friend, Lee is dying from lung cancer that has metastisized to his brain and lymph nodes. It was especially satisfying to see Lee holding Josiah. He has two grandchildren due next year, that he may not live to see. I really wanted him to hold Josiah and smell his little fuzzy head. I wanted to give him that as a gift. I know its not the same as him holding his own unborn grandchildren, but its something I can give him. The airy sweet weight of him, no more than a small sack of potatoes, takes my breath away. His sweet little cry breaks my heart. What an incredible blessing this little guy is.

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