Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My whole world fits in a sling

I visited with the videographers a couple of days ago. They came over to do the final filming to follow-up the birth. I always worry that I won't sound convincing. Hopefully, the birth will speak for itself. Films and pictures have a way of conveying things we never meant to say, but it is what it is. Larry and Lucy (and American-born Harper) head back to the UK on Friday. I will miss them. I'm going to try to go over to their place today to view some footage of the birth. They didn't want to show me any before all the filming was done. I'm eager to see it since I only "viewed" the birth from inside my head. I want to see what it looked like from other's perspective. I feel so blessed as I sit here and type, with a little baby in my sling resting on my lap all squished up in a little warm breathy ball. He loves the sling (as all my babies did) and I love using it! He's so sweet and wonderful. I wish I could spend all day holding and staring at him. But I didn't go to the office yesterday, didn't even check phone messages, so I've got to get some work done today. I'll just take him along with, or if he falls asleep, leave him with his Dad while I rush there and back. Funny, I used to think, 'how will a baby fit into my life?', now my whole world revolves around him.


Anonymous said...


YOu are so amazing! I treasure reading your passage with your newborn and soak in your joy. I feel your high! I need prayers, I have a big wedding this Sat. and really cut my finger, I can barely use my left hand. What is with that? In all of our professions, we need to appreciate and treasure what we use of our bodies to make that happen.

Bless you and hope to see you soon and the new arrival!


Laborpayne said...

How lovely to hear from you- so good to see Dave. I look forward to seeing you and your family as well.

kirsten said...

I am so happy to hear that Josiah is a blessing to you and not cramping your professional style!

Laborpayne said...

Who knew???