Friday, November 03, 2006

Farewell My Beloveds

I said goodbye to my beloved Brits yesterday. I will miss Larry and Lucy and baby Harper. I visited them to see my birth video and to say goodbye until they return in December. It was so good to see the video. Its funny, how my perception of the birth is that it was dark in the room, but the video showed a brightly lit room with sunlight streaming through. Watching the video I realized my eyes are closed most of the time (which accounts for the perception of darkness- ha!) Even though I lived it, I was really cool to see it on tape. My face looked at times in great pain and discomfort and at other times serene and beautiful. I loved seeing myself own my own birth experience and utilize coping skills that worked for me. I loved seeing my birth. The best part was after Josiah was born and I'm holding him and turn around and sit on the sofa. I didn't remember this, but on the video, I start laughing and laughing and laughing as I hold him and look at him. I don't remember doing that but celluloid doesn't lie. Its such a free and hearty laugh, so appropriate for the high that follows a joyous birth. Larry and Lucy will take all the video back to England and begin the editing process. They will send me some clips which I will *try* to post.

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