Sunday, November 19, 2006

Shut Your Humble Pie Hole

We're home! Josiah's weight gain was sufficient this morning that Dr. W and the team let us go on home. We left the hospital and went straight to church. I felt the need to formally give thanks- and I wanted to see my friends after being isolated for a week. When I got home, I left Josiah in the baby-starved hands of his siblings, and crawled into my bed and slept peacefully. Its so good to be home with my baby-so good to see my kids. I feel full of gratitute. So what's the lesson here? I got to help myself to a great big helping of humble pie. I have to confess that in my heart, when a woman complained about her milk"going away" I dismissed her as lazy or uncommitted. After having my infant hospitalized for 5 days on account of a diminished milk supply, I think I'll have a little bit more compassion.


heidi said...

the lord humbled me when samuel and joseph had to be supplemented. puts things in a whole new perspective, doesn't it.

praise god that josiah is doing well and prayers for his continued health.

Dawn said...

Glad you are home! Try to continue to get the rest you need this week! Have an awesome Thanksgiving! Sorry I missed you at church, we were not feeling well (glad we did not share anything with you germ wise though. . .lol!).

emjaybee said...

So thankful that you both are well. I think there is still so very, very much we *don't* understand about nursing (and birth too)--nobody cared because it was "women's business" for years, and then formula came along and the medical establishment decided that was good enough, so why bother? Lots of women have so much trouble for no reason anyone understands! Is it the environment, or chemicals in our food, or something like that? Was it always this hard, or is it harder now?

We *should* know a lot more than we do, so mamas like you might at least know how to work on it more effectively, and more babies would stay breast fed. It makes me angry that we don't.

I had so much trouble with my supply, much like yours..but I assumed it was because of my c/sec. And I was so depressed that I had to put all my energy in that fight, not in nursing, so he became a formula baby at 2 months. And I felt like a failure, because everyone told me it was supposed to get easier. If I have another, I'll know I might have a fight on my hands, and plan accordingly. Thanks for blogging about it.

Celeste said...

I was giving this very issue some thought this weekend. Really now, what were the odds that with your history, you would have problems? I'm glad you found meaning in the experience. When I had my baby I had expected to be doing so much teaching to her...little did I know how much learning there would be for me!

Mimi said...