Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Waiting Game

I sit here in Josiah's room awaiting a visit from the "Gold Team" Dr. W and her legion of residents. I have started my regimen of galactagogues and medication for thrush. I've stepped up his feedings to every three hours around the clock and pump after each feeding to further stimulate my breasts to greater production. I'm doing my part but I'm not sure Dr. W will be impressed. He did gain weight in the last 24 hours but they attribute it to the IV fluids. Just to make things more interesting, I've had a tooth ache for 3 days and can barely talk. My dentist can squeeze me in this afternoon, so I'll leave Josiah with dad while I run over and get this tooth taken care of. I'm looking forward to seeing the Lactation Consultant this morning. I wish she would come at the same time as the team but I guess they don't coordinate that way. I'm hoping I'll hear something conclusive from all these tests they've been running. Some of them take a day or two to get back, so it may be Friday before all results are in. In the meantime, I just enjoy watching his sweet little face as he sleeps or nurses or earnestly searches my face and coos. Such a sweet little guy!

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Louisa said...

Oh, I'm thinking of you and sending lots of milky, fattening thoughts your little guy's way. If he's at CMH he's in great hands... Let us know how you are all doing soon, kay?